Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Day Refresh Review

On Monday, I started The Three Day Refresh with a goal of losing at least 5 pounds.  I exceeded my goal and wanted to share my experience on this product with all of you.  I am a BeachBody coach and I promote and sell this product, but this is my honest opinion of my experience taking The Three Day Refresh.  I purchased this product on my own and did not receive any compensation from BeachBody for writing this review.

"This 3-day program of specially formulated shakes, easy-to-prepare clean meals, and healthy snacks has been scientifically designed to help you break the cycle of bad eating habits, lose weight, detoxify your body, and dramatically improve the way you feel—without starving." 

That is the description directly from BeachBody's website.  From my experience, The Three Day Refresh delivered everything it promised.  I lost weight.  I feel extremely energized.  I slept better.  I instantly improved my eating habits.  I even lost an additional pound on the first day off the cleanse for a total of 6.4 lb. gone!  

The Three Day Refresh was certainly effective.  It wasn't easy though, and the first day was the most difficult.  My boyfriend most accurately describes my mood as "hangry," but he was supportive of my lifestyle change for the three days this cleanse lasted.  I followed the nutrition plan precisely, choosing the asparagus for my meal at dinnertime.  I love asparagus so this recipe looked the most appetizing to me.  I went to bed on day one a little low on energy and slightly bloated.  I woke up on Day 2 feeling like a completely different person, though!  I stepped on the scale to see I had already lost 1.4 lb!  In the mirror, my stomach was visibly flatter.  

This instant gratification made it much more encouraging and easier to get through Day 2.  The shakes were my favorite part.  I actually really enjoyed the Vanilla Fresh shakes.  I wish BeachBody would sell these individually because I enjoyed them THAT much!  They taste best if the water is cold.  I shook ice in my blender before mixing in the powder from Vanilla Fresh.  I've been drinking Shakeology since November 2014, so I already knew how delicious those were.  The Fiber Sweep was my least favorite.  My advice on this one: chug it.  It thickens the longer it sits, so you're best off drinking it all immediately.  At no point during Day 2 did I feel hungry.  I was a little irritated I couldn't come home and drink wine (the no alcohol limitation is probably the biggest con for me) but I got through it.  

I woke up on Day 3 ecstatic to see I had lost a total of 4 pounds!  Day 3 was the easiest for me.  The shakes and meals were so fulfilling that I didn't even feel the need to eat my second fruit or vegetable for the day.  I was full.  I didn't crave any bad foods, although I made a mental list of all the foods I wanted to eat after the cleanse (cheese fries, cheese fries, cheese fries).  Even the irritation from being unable to drink alcohol subsided.  I was feeling so great, I commented that "I could spend another day or two on this cleanse."  Once you stick through the first day, The Three Day Refresh does get better.  It gets easier and you begin seeing results from the second morning.  After the third day, I had lost 5.4 lb.

The results are lasting, though.  I woke up the day after this cleanse craving Shakeology.  I didn't rush to call my favorite pizza place and order an XL double cheese pizza.  I woke up and made healthy choices, drank Shakeology, and had a few light beers that night.  I also went through my closet and admired the many Lilly Pulitzer dresses hanging that I'm very close to fitting into.  This product was an investment and part of me does not want to ruin that.  The other part of me feels completely rejuvenated from this cleanse and wants to continue the process.  I have goals set and The Three Day Refresh has absolutely been a way for me to get closer to accomplishing these goals.  

If you have any questions about The Three Day Refresh, please do not hesitate to ask me!  As a BeachBody coach, my team runs monthly challenges the help encourage, motivate and keep you accountable when using our products.  Although I did not partake in The Three Day Refresh as a challenge, I can put you in one and  help you each step of the way.  My next step is another round of The 21 Day Fix.  The Three Day Refresh is a great way to jump start this program, too!  A video for The Three Day Refresh can be found at  If you're ready to start this cleanse, you can purchase The Three Day Refresh at by selecting "Shop Team BeachBody" and selecting "Three Day Refresh" on the left panel.  Good luck! 

xoxo, Run Barbie

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