Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 Running Resolutions

In 2016, I want to break all my PR's.  That's my biggest new Year's Resolution.  5K, 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon.  I'm running my first marathon in January so that's automatically a PR.  Gotta love those automatic PR's!  I want to run a second marathon in 2016 and beat my January time, though.  Doesn't every runner want to beat their personal record?

In order to beat ALL my PR's, I've come up with some additional resolutions to help me get there!  After all, beating a PR takes more than just showing up for the race.  Here are my 2016 Running Resolutions:

I'm particularly awesome at planning out my runs.  Take a look at my agenda!  It's full of cheerfully color-coded running distances and good intentions.  In 2016, I am going to run every run that I write down in that Lilly Pulitzer agenda. 

What helped me in college was actually writing down the time I was going to work out or run.  Dinner at your boyfriend's parents' house tonight? OK, your run is going to be on your lunch hour.  Adding that one little extra detail, the time of my run, is the key to not skipping them.  It's like an appointment you have to show up for.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very nutrition-minded when I fuel up for my long runs.  If I know I'm committed to a 10+ mile run the next day, I've been known to eat pizza as my carbo-load.  Somewhere around mile 8 is where I begin to regret that decision.  Especially if I added in extra carbs with beer.  No more alcohol the night before my long runs.  I've seen the effects and how it slows me down the next day.  I've already committed to eliminating alcohol a week before a race so I have no problem eliminating it the night before a long training run either. 

I'm going to be using The Runner's World Cookbook and Runner's World Meals on the Run cookbooks to ensure proper nutrition.  Recipes like Mediterranean Pizza are much better options for fueling my runs than anything the pizza guy can deliver.  There are 300 recipes between these two cookbooks, so I'm pretty excited for this resolution.

I'm notorious for finishing a run and reaching for some Riesling.  In 2016, I want to focus on proper stretching and re-hydrating after runs.  Unfortunately, wine doesn't count as hydration.  I use my foam roller until it hurts but I realize I should probably roll my muscles out a longer. Plus, maybe I won't be so sore if I start fueling up properly!

I know I do not replace my running shoes often enough.  Most experts advise replacing them every 300-400 miles.  I absolutely LOVE my Asics Gel-Noose Tri 9 sneakers.

I'm currently shopping for my next pair because these puppies are about to retire.  Not replacing sneakers often enough can lead to injury and I've got a PR to beat!  Don't think I'll be beating a PR if I injure myself from running on worn-out sneakers.

I made it a goal to fit back into a pair of size 6 Lilly Pulitzer shorts by the time Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend rolls around.  It would be nice if I could fit back into all of my Lilly clothes, though!  Imagine how much faster I could run if I were 20-30 lighter?  We are talking PR territory here...

I really just want more running buddies but it would be great to see other women fall in love with running the way I have.  My Mom is participating in her first race EVER next year but I can see by the way her training is going that she's not going to be a running fanatic.  Running has changed my life so I'd like to focus more on my blog and spreading running love all around.

Well, these are the six changes I want to commit to in order to beat my PR next year.  I have a feeling 2016 is going to be a great running year for me!  I'm really looking forward to these resolutions and I can't wait to blog about how I stay committed throughout the year.  Cheers to 2016!


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